Published on Monday, 15 September 2014


Aspera Expands On Demand Transfer Platform for Big Data

According to Aspera, in order to continue monetizing their content effectively, media companies need to be able to scale their systems to handle complex, dispersed production workflows. The cloud, with virtually unlimited computing and storage resources, is an alternative to fixed-capacity data centres, but moving Big Data into and out of the cloud quickly and efficiently remains a challenge.


Aspera On Demand was first introduced to carry out high-speed transfers of large media to, from and across cloud infrastructures, directly to cloud storage. At IBC 2014, Aspera showed their most recent Aspera On Demand Platform, built on their FASP 3.5 high-speed transfer system, which supports the transfer and synchronization of large UHD files, or millions of small files direct to cloud storage and directly integrates with major cloud storage suppliers. Content can now move uninterrupted across distributed cloud and on premises systems, to meet fluctuating demands in real time.

The new Auto-scaling Transfer Platform automatically scales and expands the transfer capacity of Aspera server software in the cloud. The user’s capacity expands as needed and uses the most cost-effective infrastructure. Companies can control and predict content ingest, delivery and distribution times, regardless of media volumes, infrastructure distance or network quality.


Aspera ScaleDB is a new scale out data store for distributed, high throughput collection, aggregation and reporting. It captures transfer performance statics to produce metrics on usage patterns, transfer performance and service levels. New FASPStream APIs allow media applications to transport live video and data feeds over global Internet WANs in real-time with predictable speeds, enabling live and near live production on remote cloud systems, such as scale out video processing, transcoding and distribution.  At IBC, Aspera, EVS and Elemental demonstrated an integrated platform that utilizes these systems for live and near live streaming of sports events.

Aspera Drive is now available on OSX and for mobile. It allows end users of the Aspera transfer platform to remotely browse, drag-and-drop transfer, sync and exchange person-to-person rich media content and files.  Fast content sharing of any size, from any remote cloud storage directly in the desktop or mobile device, is supported. New versions of Aspera faspex and Shares apps drive file-sharing on the backend. Enterprises can control user access, authentication and sharing privileges, and end users gain access via Aspera Drive.


New plug-ins
have been added to the library of third-party applications that can be invoked within Aspera Orchestrator workflows. These include support for ADI.XML Cablelabs verification, DPP format validation, ISM and M3u8 verification, thePlatform media management, Vidchecker verification, MediaInfo and SNMP monitoring. New inline file validation capabilities added to Aspera server and client software verify incoming media and metadata formats against ADI and DPP standards in all types of broadcast, file-based VoD distribution and post-production workflows.

The Aspera App for users of the Microsoft SharePoint document library automatically allows SharePoint content repositories to scale to unlimited sizes with built-in transfer to cloud or on premises storage. Any size files and directories can be transferred at full available bandwidth regardless of distance.