Published on Sunday, 12 October 2014


Canal+ Keeps FIA Rallye on Track with Trimaran GeoRacing

French cable television channel Canal+ chose Trimaran's GeoRacing Virtual Timing System to support their live television coverage of the 2014 Rallye de France-Alsace that took place 2-5 October 2014 in Strasbourg.  The Rallye de France-Alsace is part of the FIA World Rally Championship, WRC. Regarded as one of the world’s most challenging motorsport competitions, the WRC races pit drivers against one another among some of the world's toughest environmental conditions.


Canal+ was using Trimaran's GeoRacing system, which is based on GPS data, to follow the motorsport race in real time and visualize its progress through the use of Virtual Timing and Ghost Visualization, which gives a view of all competitors as if they had started simultaneously. At any given moment, Canal+ can present viewers with a detailed graphic from the GeoRacing system that visualizes the virtual differences between the cars and displays a 3D representation of the different positions. 


"Recently, we became interested in improving our coverage of live sports events with geopositioning graphics, linked up to the chronometric times," said François-Charles Bideaux, head of sports programs at Canal+ Group. "The Virtual Timing function Trimaran has developed for its GeoRacing system helps viewers visualize the differences in time and space more accurately during our programs, and as a result we can paint a fuller picture of the Rallye de France-Alsace race."


As the race progresses, the multiple screen set-up shows statistics such as gaps in time or distance, intermediate time and retiming for staggered starts. It includes a 2D output, available on the GeoRacing portal and on new apps for tablets and smartphones, and a 3D system that generates a video stream from Trimaran's control room located in Paris, or on the spot for an event with live broadcasting video facilities.

The user can configure the profile to send one position every five minutes, up one position per second. Depending on this profile, emissions will continue automatically for 10 to 30 hours, or indefinitely if using a USB connection. The profile can be changed on-the-fly. The tracking uses either X5 GPS mobile navigation trackers, similar to mobile phone and in-car systems, or GPRS trackers, through the general packet radio service on the 2G and 3G cellular communication system.


This marks the second year in a row that Canal+ has used the GeoRacing system for Rallye de France-Alsace coverage. The WRC and producers at Canal+ now recognise the GeoRacing system as beneficial to live television reporting of outdoor races and broadcasting coverage of most types of sport, at sea, on land or in the air.

Recently earning the IABM 2014 Design & Innovation Award in the Acquisition and Production category at IBC2014, Trimaran's GeoRacing system has also been on display at the 2014 SPORTELMonaco convention 7-10 October in Monaco.