Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001

Canon’s New HDTV Zoom Lens Improves Zoom Ratio and Mobility

Canon’s new HDTV portable zoom lens, the HJ24ex7.5B, has a 24x zoom ratio, one of the highest  magnifications among ENG-style portable zoom lenses that have a zoom ratio of 20x or greater and are made for use with 2/3-inch HD camcorders.
Canon-HJ24ex7 B   Canon-HJ24ex7 B2
The HDTV portable zoom lens is light weight and suited for broadcast shooting including sports telecasts, news coverage and documentaries, at indoor and outdoor locations. It achieves a focal-length range from 7.5 mm at the wide end to 180 mm at the tele end and also employs a new zoom system designed to support high-resolution image capture and expanding the zoom range from close up to far away.
Canon-HJ24ex7 B3
It is made to deliver a wider angle with the higher zoom ratio, plus accurate aberration correction over the entire zoom range, for more options in the field. In its construction, it is about 30gm lighter and more compact than Canon’s previous zoom lenses with a better-balanced centre of gravity that is closer to the mount to lessen the strain on the hands and elbows of the camera operator. It also reduces power consumption and has a simplified display mode, Basic Mode, to improve operability when panning and tilting.
Canon-HJ24ex7 B4
A new drive unit improves on the lens’ zoom detection, focusing and iris information. This information can then be output to a virtual system, for example, superimposing CG imagery over the live sports or weather video. The high-performance encoder supports communication with 2/3” HDTV cameras equipped with aberration correction functionality, without initializing the lens. Three 20-pin connectors enable HD virtual video output, even during full-servo operation.