Published on Sunday, 30 August 2015


Canon Launches 2/3” 4K Broadcast Lens & L-Series Lens for Reportage

The Canon CJ12ex4.3B is a new 2/3” portable 4K zoom lens with a very short focal length of 4.3mm, designed for shooting interviews or live broadcast including sport and news. Aiming to build up its series of lenses for 2/3” sensor cameras, Canon has also announced that it is developing a new compact 2/3” 4K portable zoom lens, optimised for indoor and outdoor shooting at sports events or for live broadcast, plus television dramas and commercials.

Consistent 4K Image across Zoom Range

The 4.3mm focal length of the CJ12ex4.3B at the wide end extends to 52mm, and to 104mm if using the built-in 2x extender to increase focal reach. It supports consistent 4K image quality across the 12x optical zoom range, as well as from the centre to the edge of the image. Consequently, a photographer can adapt quickly to different shooting environments, for example, moving from an ultra-wide 4.3mm angle shot to close ups, keeping the same image quality. 4K optical performance will also be maintained when using the 2x extender.

 Canon-CJ124.3B-ENG-lens1   Canon-CJ124.3B-ENG-lens2

For better sharpness and contrast, the CJ12ex4.3B combines fluorite and UD glass with specialised Canon coatings to control ghosting and flares. A new, three-group internal focus system also reduces focus breathing.
The CJ12ex4.3B weighs 2.1kg, similar in size and weight to other 2/3” HD lenses. Suitable for typical shoulder-style news-gathering work, the lens can be used in the field, with an ergonomic design and grip that makes it more comfortable for long periods. The lens also incorporates three 20-pin connectors for integration with existing HD zoom/focus controllers, and can be directly connected to an external, remote operation system at the same time.
The Digital Drive Unit can be used to select repeatable zoom positions and speeds, as well as focus and iris settings. A 16-bit absolute value encoder integrated into the unit allows operators to start shooting with the camera’s aberration compensation function without having to initialize – good for news and wildlife environments where action is fleeting. A built-in digital display also makes it possible to set, review and adjust vital functions in a way similar to 2/3” HD lenses.
The CJ12ex4.3B will be available from late February 2016.

Wide-angle L-series Lens for Reportage

Canon’s new wide-angle L-series lens, the EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM, is the first to include Canon Blue Spectrum Refractive optics, making it suitable for use across diverse applications. The low-light performance and depth of field control are combined with a wide-angle view with natural perspective.


The Blue Spectrum Refractive optics employs an organic optical material that reduces chromatic aberration and produces sharper images through its ability to refract blue light. The optics is integrated into one of the lens elements in the compound lens. Comined with Canon’s lens coatings, including Subwavelength Structure Coating, the EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM can produce results with improved contrast and minimal flare and ghosting.
Good for capturing images with a documentary look, the EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM suits photojournalists, sports and wedding photographers, and focuses quickly and discreetly. Using its 35mm fixed focal length and wide-angle view, photographers can shoot subjects in their natural habitat within the context of their environment, and without distortion.

The fast f/1.4, nine-blade aperture can be used to control depth of field to create expressive portrait shots and shots with background blur, and also helps prolong shooting as light levels start to fade. For a rapid response to scenes happening as you watch, the lens has a ring-type ultrasonic motor to drive a very quick, near silent autofocus, plus a full-time manual focusing ring to make fine, real-time adjustments when shooting either stills or video.

Also, as one of Canon’s L-series lenses, the EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM is built with weather sealing and fluorine coatings for protection and durability in most conditions. The new lens will be available from October 2015. Prices will be set at dealer discretion.