Published on Sunday, 19 October 2014


I-MOVIX X10 UHD Captures German MotoGP Live in 4K Super Slow Motion

Ultra slow motion was in use as a live broadcast production tool at the eni Motorrad Grand Prix in Germany, where the I-MOVIX  X10 UHD was capturing 4K continuous super motion and employed in various new ways to explore the system’s potential for 4K and HD coverage.


For this broadcast test event, MotoGP television rights holder Dorna Sports used an X10 UHD system in 4K high speed modes at 500, 750 and 1,000 fps, and in 4K  2x super slow motion delivering a continuous 2160p feed at 100 fps. I-MOVIX maintains that the demonstration of the 4K capture in continuous super slow motion is a world first, as the X10 UHD is the only system capable of doing this live. Dorna Sports also demonstrated continuous 10x super slow motion in 1080 HD at 500fps.
The company operated the I-MOVIX X10 UHD system in two configurations - one with the new FUJINON 4K Cine lens, the Premier PL 25-300mm Cabrio Cine Zoom ZK12x25, and the other with an XA99x8.4 BESM big box lens and IBE HDx35 adapter. Lens motorisation was handled with the cmotion camin system, a compact interface for focus, iris and zoom control with motors controlled wirelessly or by cable.

They also used the EVS XT3 production server to control the footage from ingest to playout including live editing, slow motion replays, multi-channel playback and transfer to editing and storage systems. Epsio Zoom was used for zooming into a HD window within a high-res clip and tracking the action.


“For image quality, high frame-rate 4K footage provides image detail and sharpness you can’t get any other way, and it’s clearly a must for capturing new levels of detail in fast-moving sports action such as motorcycle racing,” said Manel Arroyo, Managing Director at Dorna Sports S.L. “With the continuous 10x super slow motion mode in HD at 500fps, the availability of every second of coverage for high-quality super slow motion instant replay opens up lots of new potential for analysis and insight.”
Combining the X10 ultra-motion system with Vision Research’s Phantom Flex4K camera, the I-MOVIX X10 UHD supports operation in several different modes to meet production requirements, and can be re-configured immediately for alternative 4K or HD shooting scenarios.
The Dorna Sports production tests included combining the X10 UHD with the EVS XT3 server and the EVS Epsio zoom to explore another use for 4K ultra motion footage shot in the high frame-rate and continuous modes. The team zoomed in on the 4K material in order to show close up details on the bikes, or to reframe when a crash occurred. The combination of the X10 UHD and the digital HD extraction is also an attractive option for HD productions generally, either to produce very high quality, detailed downscaled HD pictures, or for zooming in without compromising the HD image quality.


The X10 UHD is one of the first 4K ultra-slow motion systems to support both continuous super slow motion [SSM] and ultra slow motion [USM]at frame rates of up to 1000fps. In terms of image quality and versatility, the X10 UHD’s dynamic range has been increased to extend its application to projects shot in widely differing lighting conditions. Also, the quality of its high-speed 4K image sensor and reduced noise levels mean the X10 UHD can support higher frame rates in continuous-mode SSM.
Regarding very high-frame rate ultra-slow motion in 4K sports coverage, the system operates in USM mode to deliver instant replays of up to 1,000fps. For continuous non-stop recording, SSM mode delivers up to 120fps at 2160p60. When operating in HD resolutions at 1080p or 1080i, X10 UHD puts out up to 600 fps in continuous SSM mode, and up to 2,000fps in USM mode. Meanwhile, the system can also complement these specialized applications by performing as a conventional live camera.