Published on Tuesday, 05 January 2016


Livestream Movi Camera Live-Edits as Users Capture Live Events

Livestream, a company that develops apps, software and hardware and runs a live streaming platform, all dedicated to live event production, is launching a pocket-sized live event camera called Movi that allows editing during recording, at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 6 – 9 January 2016. Event producers, organizations and consumers can distribute footage online from live events, using many of the functions normally associated with a multi-camera production studio. Applications include concerts and other performances, conferences and sports.


The Movi camcorder fits in the palm of your hand, and is built with a 150-degree field-of-view glass lens and 4K sensor. It has a built-in microphone array and uses digital signal processing for audio. As it shoots video, the user monitors and edits the footage with an iOS app to control up to nine virtual HD cameras. It does not rely on a rig but can be placed on a stage or wherever the action is taking place, and it comes with a mount to attach the camera to most objects.

Livestream-movi7 Livestream-movi8

Live editing includes tools to pan, zoom and cut between a number of live shots or camera positions, resulting in storytelling capabilities similar to those used in conventional live TV productions. Because person detection and movement tracking functionality has been built into the camera, certain types of camera moves and editing decisions can be automated, allowing the user to concentrate on more specific shot customisation.


Movi is also cloud connected and Wi-Fi enabled so that, once complete, edited videos can be shared immediately to social networks, emailed or simultaneously streamed live via the Livestream platform, with an optional subscription. Otherwise, a 16GB microSD card is included for users to record and store video.

Livestream has begun manufacturing Movi, which will ship in early April 2015 for US$399, and is selling the camera now at a limited time pre-order discount from the dedicated website