Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001

UK Govt Funds Geomerics Real-time Lighting for Filmmakers

Geomerics has received funding from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board, TSB, to bring its real-time graphics rendering techniques from the gaming environment to film production. The award, worth £1million, will support Geomerics and its partners in the development of its processes to allow instant rendering of complex animation sequences, potentially saving cost and production time for filmmaking.


“Real-time computer graphics can now meet the quality demands of both film and television,” said Dr Chris Doran, director at Geomerics. “Providing our lighting systems to big screen filmmakers enables them to deliver movies with compelling visual elements faster and for less money with the quality that moviegoers expect.” He said he anticipates a substantial change in the industry’s production practices as a result of this development

The funding is part of the ‘Cross Platform Production in Digital Media’ competition announced last year. Geomerics’ competition entry created interest because of its potential to make the film, television and on-line video services industry more efficient. One of the most time-consuming parts of the editing process when computer-generated effects are used is in rendering, particularly lighting. At present filmmakers edit sequences offline and then render them to bring them up to full quality which may take 8 to 24 hours. By contrast, the game artists and producers have had to develop real-time rendering techniques so that complex, full-quality graphics sequences can be instantly produced on consoles and mobile phones.


Geomerics’ Enlighten real time global illumination is already used in mainstream games such as Battlefield 3 and 4, Need for Speed Rivals, Eve Online, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The company is now focused on developing interactive workflows for producing high-end graphics and lighting across all media types – including feature films and long form broadcast.

The TSB’s goal is to accelerate UK economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation. In that light, the digital economy is a strategic focus, and the Board views the game and film industries as crucial players.