Published on Friday, 17 April 2015

Quantel Pablo Rio Accelerates with 8K Real-time Playback & ACES Support

Quantel’s most recent software release for the Pablo Rio colour and finishing system at NAB 2015 adds OFX plugin support, improved EXR and alpha channel support as well as realtime working and playback at 8K 60p. Quantel is also an ACES Partner, working with ACES to deliver a fully-compliant ACES workflow for Pablo Rio colourists.
Quantel-pablo rio 8k

ACES ensures consistent colour, aiming to preserve a project’s creative vision. ACES also addresses and solves production, post and archiving problems related to the growing number digital cameras and formats in use, and the more common use of shared digital image files by dispersed teams.

8K 60p operation on Pablo Rio is achieved by combining Quantel's optimized software with up to date i/o and processing hardware from AJA and NVIDIA. At NAB, the system was seen delivering realtime 8K 60p images to an 85 inch 8K monitor, 7680x4320, loaned to Quantel from Sharp Corporation. Realtime 8K 60p input and output is achieved using AJA Corvid 88 multi-channel i/o boards to achieve the required 5GByte/s continuous data rate. The processing muscle is delivered by three NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU accelerators and three RAID 60 arrays controlled by Quantel's FrameMagic, enabling them to deliver the required performance from 160 minutes' 8K 60p storage.

Quantel-K Street Post2

With FrameMagic, the server handles every frame in the store separately, not part of a larger file. When an edit is made between two video clips, the change is recorded as a set of instructions in the server, to read the selected frames from each clip out of the store in the new edit order. Even if source clips are deleted, the edit can still be played, and only unused frames are actually removed from the store.

Quantel-K Street Post
K Street Post in Washington DC purchased the Pablo Rio 2KO colour and finishing system earlier this year, replacing its long serving Quantel eQ finishing system.

The Pablo Rio tools are now extended with OFX plugin support available on all Quantel workstations. OpenFX is an open industry standard for visual effects plugins, making Quantel systems more open and flexible. OFX plugin support will be shipping on Pablo Rio in June 2015 and will support all other OFX vendors including BorisFX, Genarts, Neat Video and RE:Vision.

Quantel also demonstrated improved EXR and alpha channel support for Pablo Rio, meaning that channels from EXR files and multiple auxiliary clips can be assigned for grading purposes. Further to this, the system now supports channel grading for EXR files allowing grading through any alpha or RGB channel on any cascade.

To meet a growing interest in UHD-1, at NAB, Quantel also announced that Pablo Rio 4KO now supports 4K 60p, a capability that previously required the HDR option. This new development opens up UHD-1 work to the wider post market at an economical cost. Pablo Rio 8K will be shipping in the second half of 2015.