Published on Wednesday, 23 January 2013

TSmedia Manages Planet TV’s Content on Front Porch Digital

TSmedia, the media team at Telekom Slovenia Group, has installed a Front Porch DIVArchive content storage management system and DIVAdirector media asset management in its facility in Ljubljana, Slovenia. TSmedia is using the systems to archive, review and restore assets for the Planet TV channel, which TSmedia launched in November 2012 with a full entertainment schedule of movies, series, documentaries, UEFA CHL and reality shows, as well as their live evening news, sports and weather.

To manage Planet TV's wide scope of content, TSmedia needed a system that handled the archive in a very simple way while still supporting requests for content in many possible formats. The goal was to set up a fully automated station with a completely tapeless workflow in order to minimize the number of people required to operate the station, and at the same time minimize the possibility of human error.


"Like many broadcasters in our market, we operate on a very limited budget, but we still wanted hardware and software that would allow us to store and index content easily," said Marko Kroflic, a senior developer at TSmedia who was responsible for systems integration on Planet TV. "Now with DIVArchive and DIVAdirector, we have a system that provides automated file retrieval, library collection and restoration of clips back to our news system for editing without loss of quality. We were able to set up a digital archive at a much lower cost compared to a large enterprise archive. Also important is the fact that the system can be expanded as our needs require and budget allows."

DIVArchive resides among TSmedia's automation system, video servers, production system, and NAS. Users access the archive and review clips with DIVAdirector's Web interface. The DIVArchive system speeds up the workflow by automating media-clip archival from the video servers to the NAS. Each part of the system architecture can expand to support additional channels.

"TSmedia is our first customer in Slovenia, and their installation shows that DIVASolutions are accessible to small broadcasters," said Rino Petricola, Front Porch Digital senior vice president and managing director. "TSmedia has started with a very small but highly scalable solution that is exactly tailored to their current requirements, which made it possible for them to keep their initial investment in line with the available budget. As the channel and operation matures, DIVArchive will grow with it."